You require :

  • The services of an external specialist to manage your commercial responsibilities
  • Analysis of your organization and understand issues such as a decrease in revenue
  • A Sales Manager to :
  • - Manage your Sales team, from recruitment to excellence
  • - Improve and/or reorganize your sales department
  • - Re-motivate, revitalize and optimize the performances of your teams
  • An expert to teach the values of success and the results-oriented culture
  • Expertise to improve your productivity and reach your objectives
  • A professional to prepare your teams for the release of new products and services

For example:
A start-up with no budget to hire a full time Sales & Marketing Manager / A SME/SMIs who wishes to adapt its sales organization to a strong growth / A company that requires the advice of an expert to understand certain organizational issues and solutions / A very active leader who has limited time to manage his commercial and marketing teams

We offer :


  • Analysis of your business plan
  • Suggestion of operational strategy (Communication, media, exhibitions, symposiums, recruitment of key opinion leaders)
  • Analysis of your sales strategy and assistance to develop a high quality presentation of your products matching the strategy of the company
  • Building the image of a positive and dynamic company


  • Commercial analysis to determine the degree of results compared with the fixed objectives and to understand the origin of the difficulties
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization implementing the company strategy that should answer the following questions :
  • - Where are we?
  • - Where do we go?
  • - How do we go there?
  • Formulation of a commercial strategy to include all the marketing and sales tools to achieve the sales and profitability objectives of the company

Development of Sales Team Actions Plans

  • Team audit organizing individual meetings to listen and better understand each person, motivation, level of competence and value in the company
  • Conduct group meetings to analyze the level of cohesiveness as well as the team spirit :
  • We analyze the results of sales with the collected information
  • Conduct joint field sales calls to analyze behavior, skills in sales, organization and time management

Human Relations :

  • Advice on recruitment agencies
  • Support during recruitment and interviews
  • Formulation of candidates’ new profiles

After our assessment report, we then offer you the following solutions :

  • Reorganization of your teams if necessary placing the right person at the right place to optimize performance
  • Training of products, sales techniques, specialty, finance, statistics
  • Management of the teams, motivation, encouragement of a results-oriented culture, collaboration, positive team spirit and formulation of sales meetings
  • Set-up of a motivating incentive compensation plan
  • Techniques of follow-up and creation of customer loyalty
  • Formulation of a reporting program by measuring success in converting business leads into opportunities
  • Creation of tools adapted to the piloting of sales and follow-up of performances
  • recommendation of the necessary distribution networks according to regions and countries (Direct or distributors)