The Preparation, this big unknown of the loosers!

Preparation you said?

What means preparation for you? When do you get ready? Why do you get ready?

The preparation…90% of the success

Positive cycle: Preparation = Confidence = Serenity = Time saving = Success = Pride

Negative cycle: No preparation = Stress = Mistakes = Bad image = Loss of confidence = Loss of credibility = Failure = Demotivation

The 4 stages to consider in your preparation:

  1. The first visual contact with the customer
  2. The sales interview and the business follow-up (1st phase: The confidence building, 2nd phase: The series of questions, the active listening, the common formulation of needs, 3rd phase: The answers, the solutions you bring, your added value, the dream, 4th phase: The offer)
  3. The final negotiation and the signature of the contract
  4. The customer follow-up and his loyalty

Your dialy question must be: How good is my preparation?

Sales representatives, Sales Managers, Executives, Owners of company, you know already that each single individual within your company is accountable toward your customers whatever his position and role. Preparation is a key element in your success!

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