You require :

  • A high value-added part-time skill adapted to your needs
  • Assistance to develop your strategy with the advice of a specialist
  • Help in creating your Sales & Marketing organization and piloting your sales

For example:
A Start-up / A French or foreign company wishing to become established in France or on EMEA / A company in strong expansion in search of new markets / A very active leader who requires the skilled management in the marketing of its products

You choose :
Option 1: we accompany you and assist you in operations
Option 2: we carry out the project for you (depending on cases)

We offer :

Market Development

  • Market survey and analysis of drivers and constraints, core business and potential :
  • - Analysis of the environment and its evolution, competition, market prices
  • - Evaluation of the current and desired strategic positioning
  • Business Plan development
  • - Sales forecasts
  • - Expenses budget forecast
  • - Analysis of the profitability
  • Launch of new concepts and support to the marketing of products on new markets
  • Review and proposal of operational strategy (Communication, exhibitions, symposiums, key opinion leaders)
  • Analysis of public and private buying process, strategy of reimbursement (medical)

Sales Development

  • Guidance for company strategy (Guideline – economic model)
  • Business strategy for sales and marketing
  • Creation and implementation of an action plan
  • Recommendation of distribution networks according to regions or countries
  • Selection of distributors and sales agents under contracts
  • Advice on sales force organization (Recruitment, training, motivation, values of success, team spirit, results-oriented culture, reporting)
  • Piloting of sales, follow-up and management of customers